Privacy Policy

Private Policy

This set of private policies lays out the manner in which A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC uses and secures all the information you provide to A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC while using its website. A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC is dedicated to making sure your personal privacy is protected at all times. If A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC asks you to disclose specific information that is identifiable when you are using the website, you can rest assure that the information disclosed will always be used and maintained according to the regulations set forth in this privacy statement. Please take the time to check this page regularly in order to note any changes made to the policy. This policy was made effective on June 11, 2013.


Information we may collect

A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC may gather the following types of information:

·         Any information that you knowingly disclose while completing the quote/reservation form on A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC website, in addition to such information disclosed while on the phone, which may be recorded, that is necessary to provide an accurate quote and to make your reservation.


How do we use the information collected

This information is necessary in order to provide you exceptional services and is primarily used for the reasons listed below.

·         To maintain an internal database in order to ensure accurate pick up.

·         To provide optimal services, and to help make improvements to our products and services.


Information Security

A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC is dedicated to making sure that all the information we gather remains secure. We have put security measures in place to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or access to your private information.


How we use cookies

A cookie is a computer file that is downloaded onto your computer or laptop’s hard drive, if given permission. Once you allow the cookie, it will start to keep track of your online activity and let you know what sites you have visited. Cookies allow various website applications to respond to you individually. This website application analyzes this activity information to determine your preferences by maintaining a record of the various websites you use. We use what is referred to as traffic log cookies to determine what pages within our website have been used most often. This allows us to evaluate the traffic to our website and make improvements as necessary to meet our customer’s needs. We only use this information for analytical reasons. We work with other tracking software companies, including Google, Improvely, Ifbyphone, and others software companies that also store cookie information. This is done to better services our customers. These cookies are important to helps us cater our website to meet the demands of our customers, by allowing us to determine which pages of our website are useful and which are not. These cookies do not, in any way, give A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC access to any personal information that is stored on your computer. You always maintain the option of granting permission to these cookies or not. The majority of online users confirm these cookies automatically, but you can change your web browser settings to deny access to these cookies. However, by doing so, you may not have full access to our website.


Other website links

A&B LIMO TOWNCAR, LLC’s websites may include links to other websites that we deem useful. It is important to understand that once you click on one of these links, you will be automatically be directed away from our website. We do not maintain any control over any third party website. This means that we do not share any responsibility for the privacy and security of any personal information you may disclose to a third party website. These sites are not held to the regulations set forth in this privacy statement. You should be cautious and always read the website’s privacy statement before disclosing any information.


How to control personal information

You maintain the right to restrict exactly how your personal information is collected and used by using one of the following methods.

·         If you are directed to complete an online from, simply let us know, as soon as possible, that you would prefer we do not use this information for any direct marketing reasons.

·         If you have already allowed us to use your private information for direct marketing reasons, and have now changed your mind, simply send us a letter indicating that you would like us to remove your information.

We do not distribute, lease, or sell your private information to any third party without your explicit permission or unless the law requires us to do so. We do, however, use this information to better inform you about our products and to provide accurate services. In compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, for a small fee, you have the right at any time to request a copy of exactly what private information we maintain, if any. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this information, please feel free to contact us. If you have reason to believe some of the information we maintain is not correct or not complete, please contact us immediately by mail or email. We will make all necessary corrections promptly and efficiently.